Are you servicing the micro or the macro?

Has your organization exhausted its ability to zero in on only the work that matters most?

What would next year’s product roadmap look like if you suddenly lost half of your staff? Why doesn’t it look like that already? (And what’s stopping you from culling those other deliverables and doubling the delivery speed of the remainder?)

It’s true that teams become exponentially harder to manage as they grow. It’s true that microservices can compensate for this to a degree.

But is it true that your team needs to grow in size? That your company needs to grow in size? Or is there more value in growing everyone as individuals?

Breaking your service into microservices only increases the independent deployability of each component if they are, well, independently deployable. And,unless you’re ready to implement contract testing, extensive API versioning, and the like, you’re not ready for microservices.

There’s no point in scaling an organization up for the sake of less valuable work. You can opt out of that.