As of today, I’ve written a new blog post practically every day for 312 days straight. If I include pending drafts, that’s about 50,000 words of blog post. An entire novel’s worth of writing. Dang. Those daily words add up, don’t they? It started back in August with the intent of improving my writing skills and of establishing routines around daily creative output. I’d say that it’s been a huge success and I’m glad I took this personal challenge on.

It’s also time to take a break. I achieved all of this on intrinsic motivation alone: I’ve forsaken ads, don’t host comments, and don’t even keep analytics that would show whether anyone’s reading these posts at all. And that’s okay. I achieved my personal goals through this writing streak that surprised even me. Now I can step back.

The routine also exhausted me at times. I would stay up well past when I should have slept, both because I still had writing to do and because of procrastination that stemmed, in part, from the stress of not knowing what to write next. If I was working on a book or game, pushing through that procrastination would make more sense. Since all this blogging has been a pure hobby, though, I can put that streak to rest without regret.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts! If you found these posts useful or inspiring then please share them with your friends. I do look forward to coming back to this blog someday. In the meantime, good luck out there! Let’s all keep learning together.

Yours in Writing,