Buffered Streams

Making Deposits into the River Bank

How much buffer do you have built up? In your savings account, in your calendar, in your closet, or in your mind? Do you have any buffer at all?

Without enough money, you can’t trade for more time. Without enough time, you can’t trade for more money. You can’t organize without the space to think or have any clear thoughts without the space in which to have them. Whatever your budget, you have to balance it at some point. Do you know your exchange rates?

Run out of buffer and you’ll crash. Expect burnout, bankruptcy, or worse. If you can’t afford to maintain a buffer, how will you pay to pick up the pieces?

What’s going to happen when you run out of buffer? Where are you already running without a buffer? How will you prevent this?

Start with freeing up your time; without space on your calendar, you can’t do anything else. Make room in your thoughts to consider the bigger picture and to take stock of random opportunities you would otherwise overlook. Simplify and straighten up your space so that you have room to find what you already have. Then look for money in order to free up more of the rest. After buffering all of that, then you can figure out what’s worth spending all this buffer on in the first place.