Plans Upon Plans

What is your plan for planning? Your meta-cognitive preparations for precaution? Your precariously prescient pain-prevention prospects?

Our inboxes turn into defacto todo lists, stuffed with requests from others. Our calendars ask us to pre-spend what precious little time we have. Our social media feeds tell us that everyone else has it together and wonders aloud at why we’re the only ones who haven’t. When did you allow so many others to make your plans for you? When are you going to take back that work of planning your own life?

Consider a Bullet Journal. The physicality of it will help ground you. Something to pull your head out of the castles it’s built in the sky. Something to protect both of you from sudden shocks. No phone required, just quiet time with a notebook.

Print out a Year Compass. Gain perspective on the year that passed. Feel and think upon the next one. Give yourself a day dedicated to filling it out in peace. A few hours of focus could pay it forward for months or years.

Whatever you do, make a plan for how you will plan. Do it before New Year’s comes and goes. Time flies past fast enough as it is.