Random Access Meditation

You have many small moments in which we can practice mindfulness every day. There’s the morning shower, the subway commute, the wait for a microwave oven. You don’t have to sit still on a mat for twenty minutes to meditate. Attending to your breathe as you walk to the store can suffice. You do have to spend some time away from an activity, though.

We make it all too easy to miss opportunities for mindfulness. Our phones provide us videos, podcasts, and games at a moment’s notice. Or at least after several moments, depending how long those diversions take to load. You can turn that loading screen into a trigger to meditate, though, with the benefit that you’ll be focused and ready to start the second it finishes. You might even find that you’d rather do something else, or actually notice that you’re about to miss your stop.

What other “loading screens” do you have in your life, digital or otherwise?

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