Marathons and Reruns

When did you last re-read a book? Re-watch a movie? Re-play a video game?

We feel obligated to partake of the newest, freshest media. That is to say, we’re pressured by selfish companies and well-meaning friends to seek out the latest titles. But what about our own choices?

So much richness lies waiting inside of what we have already experienced. What details did you miss the first time around? Which subtleties passed you by on the first pass? What can you appreciate now, years later, that escape you in your youth? How can that old favorite inform your own new works?

The best works have passed the tests of time. Sometimes that passage took centuries, in the case of Secena’s Letters from a Stoic. Other times just a few years, in the case of most anything that stays on bestseller lists. It can be as short as a day, in the case of that movie you went back to re-watch that same weekend. Whatever the title, consider the Lindy Effect when choosing what to experience next.

Now’s a good time, even a great time, to re-engage that old media.