Broken Streak

Mended Dreams

Breaking a streak can suck. Whether you were sticking to your diet, refusing to smoke, or sinking baskets from the free-throw line, it hurts when you miss. It hurts more when you realize how long that streak had lasted. But all streaks end. It’s a question of whether you continue in their stead.

Breaking a streak can bring joy. Whether you cooked instead of eating out yet again, landed that job after so many failed interviews, or finally sunk that first basket, it feels great when you make that first step in the right direction. It can feel overwhelming to see how much farther you have to go, though. But all streaks start somewhere. It’s question of how long you can make your current one last.

Write down the streaks you’ve maintained. Write down those you have broken. Write down the ones you want to start. Write down the ones you want to end. Look for paths and look for patterns. What do you find there? Which streak will you tackle next?