But Also Satisfied

You can produce “content” without having to “productize” it or make it “scale.” You can write a story for an audience of one, film a movie for your family, or record a podcast for your friends. If they enjoy it, that can suffice.

This goes for the software you write, too. It could be a tool for sharing haikus between a dozen people instead of a Google Docs replacement. It could be a personal blog engine instead of a challenger to WordPress. It could be a video chat app for only you and your loved ones instead of the next Zoom. The possibilities are endless, but you might be the only one with the means, motivation, and know-how to build exactly what your friends and family need.

How might you embrace the Small Web and Small Technology? And who knows? That personal project might still grow into something huge. Or not. It’s your software and it’s your decision. You can let it grow at its own pace.

(Inspiring post.)