What to Read

Do you need to know what to read or do you need to know what to read next?

There’s no end to the list of amazing, even life-changing books (and movies and games, etc.) that you could read. But what will you read? How do you decide on what goes in your book queue? What stays out of it? What you will remove from it? How do you decide what goes at the top of your queue? What specific criteria do you use? If you go with your gut, are you trusting your intuition or abdicating that decision to marketers? (Either or both could be the case.) If you wrote out your system for choosing your very next title, what would it look like? How about sharing that reading list with others?

Consider creating a queue. It’s much easier to prioritize now than in the emotional, cathartic moments right after finishing a book. But remember that the queue is a recommendation, a good default, and not a requirement. If you have strong feelings about what exactly you want to read next, then look at what your subconscious is suggesting. It knows your reading tastes even better than you do.