Every Day

Why blog every day? For the page ranks? (I don’t care about the SEO.) For the ad impressions? (I don’t have ads.) For the kudos? (I don’t track my visitors at all.) There has to be a reason I opted into this routine.

I blog every day because I want as little friction between me and my writing as possible. The last thing I want to do when an idea sparks a fire in me is to fight with my software instead of sharing insights with you. Blogging every day means that I keep my tools and my skills sharp ahead of such opportunities. It’s a mental and mechanical workout routine and one that I enjoy. It feels nice to have a new blog entry posted by the end of each day.

What skills do you want to hone? How will you practice them consistently? What could you start doing today that you could repeat tomorrow, again and again? What would you want to do every day? Why not do that now?