What messy, embarrassing work do others fear to show in public that you can publicly celebrate?

Many comedians fear having their experimental material heard outside of a test audience. If the jokes go over poorly or end up being in bad taste, then an audience recording of their set can do serious damage to their reputation. Some comedians go so far as to insist that attendees have their phones locked away during the show to prevent this. They lean hard into a scarcity mindset.

Streamers, on the other hand, put themselves out in public all the time. It’s their raison d’etre. If someone as self-conscious as the average teen can stand to have the world watch her get slaughtered at Fortnite, then what are you so afraid of?

You need to practice good OpSec, of course, and mind your professional image, but you must also prepare for unexpected time in the public eye. You could end up on the news. (I was interviewed at random on the street once, for example, and made the cut). Your social media post could explode. Your boss could ask you to present in front of stakeholders. Even if you stay away from the public eye, it can come looking for you.

Vulnerability isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength. But vulnerability only turns into real strength if you show others that it holds no power over you. Find what you fear. Embrace it. Cultivate the rare talent of embracing and celebrating failure. Rare talents are rewarded. And the greatest rewards will come from your braver, happier future self.