Deeply Lovable Content

Our favorite game might not have been updated, upgraded, or seen a sequel in years, if ever. But we don’t have to play by the old rules. Whatever was written before, we can add our own addendum. We can apply patches. We can dig down into the assembly or make our own replacement game pieces, whatever it takes to make what was into what could be.

We are not a pristine first edition to be treasured but never unboxed. We are meant to play and to be played with. It is how we grow and how we raise others. But that requires change, even if it means breaking the old rules or rewriting history. Either way, we need to unwrap ourselves.

The biggest con that those around us pulled, wittingly or unwittingly, was to tell us that we can’t ret-con. It’s our story and we can re-tell it however we like, even when we tell that story to ourselves. Especially when we tell it and re-tell it to ourselves.

You decide what comes next. It could include a new character, a new outfit, new moves or more room to level up. It could change up the entire meta and push you far out of your comfort zone. Whomever you love to main could fade from the lime light so that their successors can grow into their own. You’re the director and the producer here. You decide the plan.

When is the next expansion due to be released into your life?