Putting it on the Image Board

What does boredom look like to you? Not “What activities do you imagine would be boring” nor “What does a bored person look like.” What does boredom look like to you from the inside?

The next time you catch yourself procrastinating, zoned out, or neglecting to pay attention, pause and assess your current state. Where have your thoughts carried you? What do you wish you were doing instead? What do you know you should be doing instead? What does your head feel like? Your gut? If you had to describe your boredom to someone else, what would your description sound like?

Some of our most creative and important ideas and realizations come to us when we are bored. Too many distractions, though, and you’ll never hear them. They can’t compete with the latest funny video or newest mobile game, despite their value. Instead, cultivate awareness of your own boredom and see how much joy you find in that quiet space. The results may surprise you. The results may surprise the world. You may surprise yourself.