Inky pHAT Experiments Part 2

Resuming experiments with my Inky pHAT eInk display on a Raspberry Pi Zero today. Still using Pimonori’s own inky library.

The installation process I started in Part 1 succeeded just as I posted that entry. I was able to display static test images on the Inky pHAT after that. Success!

Back to my work log.

Onto the Next Part!

  1. Decide I’m going to build myself a Pomodoro timer. Start small with just displaying dynamically rendered text on the Inky pHAT
  2. Set up logging with SSH keys between the Pi and the development PC so that I don’t have to log in every time I copy files over, making it easier to work from my pre-configured development PC instead of on the Pi itself
  3. Realize that my major headache from the last part came from out I had a test script file called in my working directory and that Python was trying to import from that file instead of from the installed inky module. Sigh, forgive myself, and carry on
  4. Quietly proclaim my joy when I finally get my own test script running on the Pi
  5. (Less) quietly proclaim my joy when I finally get my own test script to show dynamic text!
  6. Adulation at getting the Pi to show the current time on a loop!!
  7. Set the new script to run at boot so that the Pi can run all on its own, no shell connection required

And that’s it for today! That was some good work. And as much as I want to keep working on it tonight, I have to sleep.