Like and Unsubscribe

How many subscriptions have you been meaning to cancel? Not just that Netflix subscription or that newsletter subscription or even that snack box subscription. How about those ideas you’ve been subscribed to for so long?

If that idea in your head were a magazine, would you pay to keep receiving it? Or is it one of those thick adverts that masquerades as something worth reading? Even if you have been paying for it, are you even keeping up with it?

Others will try their darnest to get your recurring payment, whether in cash, in time, or in attention. But you can unsubscribe. That could mean leaving a heated online conversation, declining pointless meetings, or literally unsubscribing from that MMO you stopped playing. Every unnecessary subscription you cancel means all the more dollars, hours, and focus freed up to be spent on what deserves it most. Your mailbox (and your mind) will thank you.