Home Garden

How do you cultivate your home? How do you plot out your living space or arrange your domicile? When did you last think about that, if ever?

Our homes grow alongside us. They do so in ways we don’t expect. That one loose item we leave unattended for a day, a month, a year? It blossoms into a junk pile. Our closets? They accrete into compost heaps of clothes long overdue for donation. That loveseat? It takes on more and more of our shape every time we sit on it. The evolution of our home is a beautiful organic process. And like an actual garden, it comes with so many of the same upsides and downsides.

Sometimes you have to trim the weeds. It might mean throwing a few things away. It might mean donations or sales. But you don’t have to hate something that you weed away. You may love it dearly despite having outgrown it. You weed to make room for new life, new growth, new joys. You decide what grows in your garden.

What will you dig up today? What will you plant tomorrow? What will dry up and what will you remember to water day after day?