Daily Routine

How did you come by your daily routine? How many of its steps did you choose with deliberation and how many accrued? Can you list all the consistent parts of your daily routine?

How did you decide what you do in the morning instead of the evening? Or in the evening instead of the morning? When did you deliberate about when to shower? How to pick your clothes? Your route to work? If all of your bookend routines swapped places, how much of a difference would that make? If you were to reconstruct your daily routine from scratch, what might it look like? What would you take out? What would you add in? When will you stop and write down your entire routine? You can’t analyzed what you can’t see, after all.

Try removing one thing around your routine that you no longer enjoy or even dislike. Try adding a little something that would make your day a bit easier, too. Check your results in a week, in two weeks, and in four weeks. What happens? What will you change about your routine next?