Fig Tree

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago,” they say. “The second-best time is now.”

Maybe you thought about mining some Bitcoins, or starting that business, or putting more of your paycheck into that 401k. Maybe you wish you’d left yourself a few of those cookies instead of eating that entire box. Maybe you kick yourself for not spending a little more time with that person you’ll never see again.

The regret hurts. Whether it’s a pebble in your shoe or a stabbing pain, that sensation is real. Taking steps now won’t change the past nor make that pain vanish, but it will help.

Every dollar saved is a reminder to yourself that you care about your future well-being. Every cookie left in the box is a reminder that you think your future self deserves happiness. Every hour spent with the people who are still here is another reminder that you are each worth the other’s time.

You might never see the day when figs grow on that tree. But you can imagine that day and imagine your friends and family there to see it, thankful for your effort. Knowing that, what will you plant today?