Trying Out Vim Plugins (Series)

Part 1 - Markdown

I have been meaning to level-up my Vim/Neovim editor setup and decided to try out a few plugins today, so I went looking on VimAwesome for suggestions. Let’s see what works for me.

But before anything else, I wanted to try a new plugin manager. As of the time of writing, vim-plug looks like an excellent choice. Enjoying it so far!


Since I write these blog posts in Markdown, what better place to start than with vim-markdown?

I currently use Jekyll for my static blog generator, so I enabled syntax highlighting for its YAML front matter:

let g:vim_markdown_frontmatter = 1

Since these posts nearly always fit on my screen, I set Vim’s own starting fold level very high so that I can see the entire post when I first open the file:

set foldlevelstart=20

I was also introduced to Vim’s built-in conceal setting, which this plugin uses to hide things like the syntax around links. Something like [Example Link]( then looks like Example Link, which scans much better. A visceral improvement. I did leave this disabled for code blocks, though, out of personal preference.

set conceallevel=2
let g:vim_markdown_conceal_code_blocks = 0

There are still other options I could explore but this initial configuration already proves useful. Thanks, Ben!

Upcoming Plugins