Revisiting Again

One More Time

If you had to choose ten books to be the only ones you could read and re-read for the rest of your life, which would you choose? What if it was five books? Three? One? It’s hard to decide, isn’t it?

Despite the challenge of such a choice, we make it continually harder for ourselves by reading more and more books. We grab the hot new title all our friends want to talk about because we don’t want to feel left out. We pick up several on-sale volumes so that we don’t miss the chance to get them cheap. We shrug and settle for an interesting cover before hopping onto our flight. And yet we struggle to finish so many of these titles, assuming we started them at all. The fleeting joy of the purchase burdens our shelves for years. Where do we stop?

It could be movies instead of books. Or video games, albums, courses, companies, even hopes or dreams. Others have put so much effort and life into creating these, delving deep into their inner worlds to deliver up the fantastic, and yet those pearls are so often glossed over. What is left for you to find in what you have read before? There might be nothing - most creative work is inaccessible or shallow to most readers - but did you give it a chance? When you return to that old favorite, that crystallized facet of your past, what might you discover or rediscover about yourself?