Play Before You Pay

It’s okay to skip that next episode, that next chapter, that next level. Even if you already paid for the show, book, or game with cash, you don’t have to spend any more time on it. If this brings a particular title to mind, that’s reason enough to consider dropping it.

The purveyors of media have a vested interest in keeping us enthralled. Some of them even mean well. A handful even deliver on this intent. If you’re not sure where the creators of your current media of choice fall on this spectrum, then you have permission to move onto another series. The best of intentions mean little if enacted without efficacy. You don’t have to watch something or read it or play it just because it’s “good for you,” never mind merely because it’s popular for the moment.

But lasting change matters. Do you feel uncomfortable after finishing a chapter, but in a way that gives you a more nuanced perspective? Did that episode get an emotional reaction out of you that was embarrassing yet cathartic? What about that difficult level challenged and expanded your understanding of the world? Perhaps it is light fare but one you and your partner find recuperative and relaxing after a hard day. These are the experiences that make it worth sticking through a series. Instead of rushing to find a better one, savor such an experience. Skip the lesser series and save room for the best. Or take a break and relax without distraction. You could go so far as to meditate on what you’ve already seen instead of jumping ahead to the next part. Anything worth watching is worth the wait, after all.