Viewer's Choice

How did you decide to watch that TV show you’re watching? Or that Twitch stream? That YouTube channel? Did you choose? Or did it just end up on your screen?

If you sought that show out and liked it enough to keep watching, then you’re golden (like the globes). If you put it on at a whim or because of a friend’s recommendation and you’re still giving it a chance, that’s fine. If you’re watching the show despite itself, out of hope that it gets better, that’s questionable. If you only watch it for closure or because you always (or try to) finish what you start, then you’re in too deep.

There’s so little time, at all, for ourselves and our loved ones. How much of that time do you want to spend talking about a show neither of you will remember by next season? What old favorite could you enjoy again? How about one that’s proven itself over the years? If you’ve discovered a hit then yes, embrace it! But if it’s mediocre then keep looking. A worthy show will be worth choosing both today and tomorrow.