New Quarter's Resolutions

You don’t have to wait until next January 1st to make a New Year’s resolution. You don’t have to make a resolution for an entire year. You can make a resolution for and at any time.

A whole year is a long time for a resolution, after all. How could you split that resolution up? Instead of resolving to write that novel in a year, what if you resolved to write the first 25% of the novel before the end of the quarter? Or 10% by the end of the month? Or write 2000 words today? That’s a resolution you can complete before you go to sleep tonight. And then you can resolve to do the same tomorrow, and so forth, until you reach your destination.

And when you do fail at your resolution for the day, you can try again tomorrow. You don’t have to wait a year to try again, only 24 hours at most. Even if you fail half of those resolutions, that’s still 183 or so days where you did succeed by the end of the year. Those numbers add up and before you know it you’ve hit that original resolution. Good luck! You can do it!