Staying on Track

How do you track your successes? One’s bank account balance is an obvious choice, but it’s only one system of scoring. We experience life on so many other dimensions.

What else would you track? Your total number of sales today? The number of customers served? Their satisfaction ratings? How about code bugs fixed or tickets closed? Perhaps by the number of words written today? Some other metric? Something more personal? Today’s dead-lifts or push-ups? Minutes spent meditating? Or how often you smiled today? How often you made others smile today? We have so many countless ways of measuring ourselves that it becomes hard to see what consistently tracks with happiness or the absence of pain.

Do you track your mood? When, where, and with whom are you at your happiest? Your most dejected? What’s the trajectory of that mood? What can you do more of to feel better, based on what you know? What takes away your joy? What has and would spare you pain or bring more down upon you? Your records will tell you, if you track the right things and track them well. But before anything else: How do you track the tracking of your success?