Games I've Enjoyed - Q3 2021

Loop Hero

I could hardly contain my excitement for Loop Hero when I first heard of it and bought it on release day. Enjoyed it plenty. I liked the change of pace from games that require either lightning reflexes or very deep thought. This also made Loop Hero unexpectedly useful as a stim, as I could carry on conversations in the room without getting too antsy. If you like optimization and planning, this game may also pique your interest.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Yes, Animal Crossing: New Horizons just celebrated its one year anniversary and yes I’m still playing it. I could never abandon my precious hipster son Raymond. At this point, I might play 10-20 minutes in a day, if that, mostly to keep my hands busy while in some meetings. (I’d rather focus if it was that easy, believe me.) I have a nice little routine, having optimized my island layout well enough, and enjoy checking in with my fellow islanders. It’s a calm gaming oasis that I recommend.

Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is easily one of my favorite co-op games. I’ve sunk entirely too many hours into it and can’t wait for the big update that drops tomorrow. New character! Even if it’s no longer challenging for me at lower difficulty levels, playing at those does make it more accessible to less experienced friends and keeps things less hectic, leaving more room to just hang with one’s peeps and chat. Highly recommended.