Your Game Genre

If your life was a game, what genre would it be?

Could it be racing game, where you speed past everyone as quickly as you can? A puzzle game, where deep and methodical thought trumps all? Perhaps a fighting game, where you’re mastering complex combinations in order to deliver rapid-fire results. An action-adventure game, perhaps, dominated by danger and discovery. Or a roleplaying game, where planning, training, and careful resource management rule the day. Maybe a casual simulation game with an emphasis on relaxation, peace, and shaping the world to your satisfaction. If not that, then one or more of the many other countless genres.

Regardless of the specific genre, you could learn a lot from inspecting your life through such a lens. Did you choose the target genre for your life? Which genre would you model your life after, given the opportunity? What do your current gaming habits say about what you want to take a break from doing or do even more? It’s your life, your genre, and your decision on how to play it.