Meta Queue

How many queues do you have in your life? Too many, if mine are at all representative. Off the top of my head, my queues include:

  • One community Slack server I check periodically
  • One Slack server for work
  • Other Slack servers I’ve forgotten about
  • 2-4 Discord servers I check regularly
  • At least a couple dozen other Discord server I’ve largely forgotten about
  • My personal inbox
  • My other personal inbox
  • My side business inbox
  • My full-time job inbox
  • Personal Google Chat conversations
  • Work Google Chat conversations
  • My Bullet Journal task lists
  • Telegram conversations
  • Google Tasks
  • Various Mastodon conversations
  • Multiple Mastodon feeds
  • Story card lanes at work
  • My unread book collection
  • My unplayed game collection
  • My unlistened music collection

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. The list of lists goes on. No wonder my brain feels overextended: It is overextended. There are too many lists of lists to manage in this modern age. We have to curate and corral them to function at all. And that starts with listing them out. Only by knowing what’s on our lists of lists can we know what doesn’t belong there.

How did you let your list of lists accrue, barnacle-like, to your hopes and dreams? How many of these lists could you drop entirely? Which one will you drop first?