What keeps you up at night? What, if resolved (even if only temporarily), would allow you to crawl into bed without hesitation and close your eyes for a restful sleep? What about your circumstances makes it hard to reach that pre-rest resolution?

Consider your environment and your routines. Too much white/blue light after sunset? Too many adrenaline-pumping games or videos? Too much caffeine before dinner? Maybe you need to add something. You could write out all your worries on paper so that your subconscious can let those go just for the night. Or, you can establish a specific sequence of actions you take right before bed, such as changing into your robe and reading from a specific book. Look for the negative factors and positive opportunities and adjust accordingly.

Whatever you do, get more restful sleep. Perhaps you need a sleep study, a CPAP machine, or to simply avoid alcohol and the like before bed. Your morning self will thank you.