Reading Right

What do you do to make it easy to read and to read at length? It takes real effort to sit down and read for an entire hour here in the modern day, yet that deep reading holds far more value than any number of half-read tweets. You need a plan if want to make the most of your opportunities to read.

Some steps I take to make it easier to read than to not:

  • Leaving an eReader on my nightstand before I prepare for bed.
  • Leaving that eReader and print books downstairs on a shelf that I pass by on my way to walk out back each afternoon.
  • Always having an audio book queued up on my phone.
  • Taking the (waterproof) eReader into the bathroom with me as I go for a bath.
  • Always carrying my eReader (often in addition to a print book) on any trip of adequate length.

These small changes to my routes, environments, and habits do wonders for increasing my deeper reading time. Each one makes a difference, as I’ve found when I skipped them, and those differences add up. If you want to read more and more deeply, then stack some of those changes above and watch your word count grow.