Movie Recommendations - April 2021

Here are a few random media recommendations, inspired by tonight’s movie viewing:


Pixar’s recent movie about a musician and the one we watched at home tonight. Amazing work. I haven’t cried this much at a movie in years, perhaps not since Pixar’s own Up. Pay close attention to the character interactions if you want to see past the seemingly cliché message. It hit me on a very personal level.

Robin Hood

A childhood favorite that continues to have a lasting impression. I haven’t seen it since my teens, as far as I can recall, so I have no idea if it holds up. An enjoyable, cute romp and still a classic.


I’ve been a huge fan of Studio Trigger for years and this movie exceeded my expectations. It was worth the circa 2019 in-theatre experience. Not an especially deep movie but nonetheless a breathtaking visual experience.

What’s an old favorite you haven’t watched in years? Why not watch it tonight?