Some Bullet Journal Collections

A Few Examples From My Own Bullet Journals

The Bullet Journal system of personal task/information management features Collections, free-form sections of your Bullet Journal dedicated to specific topics. Distinct from the daily bullet list pages, collections contain whatever groupings of entries make sense to you. Examples include recipe collections, exercise logs, favorite quotes, and the like.

Some of my personal collections:

  • My cheat day diet logs: Following the Slow Carb diet, I have a cheat day where I go wild with whatever I’ve been craving the rest of the week. With the collection, I track both what I want to eat on cheat day and how I felt about that choice afterwards. The latter helps me remember, viscerally, why I want to resist the allure of such foods during the rest of the week.
  • Specific story notes: When a story idea grows large enough, I create a separate collection for tracking characters, plots, setting details, et al. Not only does this help with retention, it also frees up my subconscious to generate new ideas.
  • To Read/Watch/Play/etc.: Lists of books, movies, video games, and other media that I want to enjoy at some point in the future. With so much new media coming out constantly, this collection makes it much easier to go back and see what’s still worth experiencing after the initial hype.
  • My Musings: A catch-all collection for whatever noteworthy thoughts pop into my head. These range from potential social media posts, seeds for blog posts, personal observations, and loose story ideas, among other things.

What collections do you have in your own BuJo? Which ones would you?