Inertia Drift

Is It Too Slow Or Are You Too Fast?

Sometimes government projects are slow because of bureaucracy. Sometimes because of their exacting thoroughness and caution. Sometimes because of their incredible scope. When something carries as much inertia as a government, it can prove hard to stop it once it starts moving. Pointing it in the right direction matters.

Sometimes commercial projects are fast because of organizational efficiency. Sometimes because of corner-cutting and from the exclusion of accessibility. Sometimes because all the “inconvenient” and unprofitable users are cut out of the service entirely. “Fast and cheap” works wonders in many circumstances. You wouldn’t want that for a foundation, though, whether for a house or for policy.

Differences in speed can rarely if ever be reduced to trim versus bloat. What are the particulars of that project you love or hate? How would someone with less privilege experience that service? Can they access that service at all? Would you want to be reliant on commercial services if you suddenly lacked access to your funds? You’re one stolen wallet and phone away from that state. A medical tragedy can bankrupt you before you know it. What looks like a waste of money to you may be a life raft that’s saving someone else.

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